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Armstrong Bookstore Orders the Wrong Books

As a student at Armstrong Atlantic State University, I have used the bookstore on campus since I was a Freshman. My brother also uses the bookstore. In fact, all students have to utilize the bookstore in some way. It is the only source of information for students on the textbooks required for each class.

Recently, the bookstore has been place under new management and is utilizing a new system in the store and on the website. This year, I was too broke to buy my books from the bookstore, so I resorted to ordering them online. One of my books was listed for $124. I found all of my books, including a creative writing book that I wanted for fun reading, for $122.

When classes started, I was excited about my skills in finding a bargain, but my books hadn’t arrived just yet. In my first class, things were okay, but I was already falling behind in my reading. During my second class, my teacher notice that most of the students had the wrong edition of the book. The bookstore had posted the wrong editionof the book we were suppose to have.

The same mistake happened with the book for News Writing and Reporting. As I had already bought my books, I could not take the books back to the store and exchange them for the proper editionof the books. I could have sent the books back and bought the proper books, but I would have had to wait another three weeks to receive those books. And I couldn’t risk falling that far behind.

I’m not the only student who has had this problem either. My little brother bought his books at the beginning of the semester—rented it actually. He can’t give it back or get his money back, and he had to buy the right edition of the book in addition to the rental.

I’ve heard grumblings and rumors from other students that they’ve had similar experiences. It’s so annoying. I wish the bookstore would get it together already.

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